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Does My Business Need a Generator?

Power outages are disastrous for businesses. Without electricity, the loss of profit-generating systems could cost a company thousands of dollars in a matter of hours.

It’s common for business owners to overlook the benefit of keeping a standby generator on hand. However, in the event of a power outage or severe weather, they almost always wish they had one. After all, an unnecessary loss of power can jeopardize business operations and objectives.

In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of companies investing in a reliable backup generator and some of the various advantages that a backup generator can provide to daily business operations, both in an emergency and on a daily basis.

Continue reading below to learn more and find out why Staco Electric is Kansas City’s number-one choice for industrial electrical services and how we can help your business keep the lights on.

5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Standby Generator

Regardless of the type of business you own, a standby generator is an essential tool to keep nearby and an excellent investment for all business owners. Power outages can occur anytime, and you don’t want to be left in the dark when they do. If the unexpected happens, a generator can help you keep the power on and prevent your business from losing a significant amount of production or revenue.

Here are five reasons to consider investing in a generator to sustain power and keep your business running smoothly.

Maintain Customer Contact

Staying in contact with your customers is an important part of running a business. When the power goes out, they may have questions about whether the services or products they purchased from you will be lost, and you must answer them as quickly as possible.

With a backup generator, you can continue to provide up-to-date information to your customers and prevent any confusion that might occur during an outage.

Protect Sensitive Data

An unforeseeable power outage affects more than just your headquarters and employees; it also affects your customers’ data. Customers will want to ensure that their sensitive information remains accessible and secure during a power outage, as computers and data servers may become vulnerable if the power goes out.

Luckily, having a backup generator will protect your data by allowing you to save the data before it is lost. Backup generators can keep critical systems running by quickly transferring power to machines, phones, servers, and computers. Furthermore, in addition to protecting essential business equipment, backup generators also provide you time to host an offsite backup of your customer data for added security and peace of mind.

Handle High Power Loads

Today’s commercial generators can handle high power loads, allowing you to keep your business running during a prolonged power outage. Generators come in various sizes and power capacities, and each company will have unique requirements, so it is crucial to choose the right one for your specific needs. When selecting a new generator, you should size it appropriately based on the power requirements of your facility and all of the electrical systems your generator will need to power.

Prevents Unwanted Downtime

We’ve all heard the phrase, “time is money.” If you’re not prepared for a power outage, your entire business may go into standby mode. If your organization lacks power, critical communication channels and equipment will stop, resulting in a loss of productivity and profitability.

Fortunately, when the power in your building goes out, the automatic transfer switch on your backup generator kicks in, seamlessly powering your business through an outage. As a result, your business will not be stalled during the power outage, and business processes can continue to run until the power grid is restored.

Provides Peace Of Mind

Your company’s reputation is important, so it’s natural to want to provide the best experience possible without having to worry about the consequences of an outage.

If you permanently install a backup generator in your building, you will always be ready in the event of a power outage. You can customize the backup generator to send power to your most urgent requirements. As a result, you can rest assured knowing there will be no disruptions to your company’s operations during an outage.

Easy To Maintain

It can be aggravating when the unexpected occurs, and even more so when the equipment you invested in to mitigate these issues fails. Fortunately, maintaining a backup generator is easy and inexpensive.

Routine inspection and maintenance, such as oil and filter changes, coolant checks, fuel refills, pressure tests, and intake tests, can ensure your generator runs well when you need it.

Call Staco Electric Today for Industrial Electrical Services You Can Trust

As a business owner, expecting the unexpected and preparing for the unknown is part of the job description. Installing a backup generator keeps your business running smoothly during a power outage and saves you and your clients from suffering irreversible losses.

If you’re considering investing in a backup generator for your commercial business, Staco Electric has certified experts that can help.

Since 1971, Staco Electric has been committed to providing our customers with the most dependable industrial electrical services in the Kansas City area. Whether it’s the long-term maintenance of your commercial building’s electrical system, replacing old wiring, updating to a new system, or ensuring that your electrical equipment operates correctly and efficiently, we can help.

Our team of highly trained and licensed electrical service specialists will ensure your electrical system is installed and maintained properly. They can also guarantee you’re receiving the most cost-effective system on the market, tailored specifically to your company’s needs.

If you’re looking to replace, update, or build a new facility’s electrical system from the ground up, give us a call today to discover how our industrial electrical service and installation specialists can help.

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