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Energy Efficiency

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Energy is one of the most controllable costs you have which is why we work with you to help identify just where and how you can cut your energy costs.

We have extensive experience conducting new construction design assistance in commercial and industrial buildings as well as existing building improvements. We provide this service directly to end-users and their design teams. We also perform these services in support of LEED applications.

We specialize in lighting retrofit technologies and we use a full-service, turnkey approach to save our clients money on their facility energy bills.

Whether you are interested in trimming your office lighting energy costs, making the warehouse a little brighter, or moving your facility from old and inefficient metal halides to T5 or T8 Hi Bay fixtures, Staco Electric can help. We specialize in using the latest technology to make your facility energy efficient, and certain facilities can upgrade without having to completely replace their fixtures. Nearly all fluorescent fixtures have retrofit options that increase light levels and reduce wattage by as much as up to 70%!

Need to increase light levels to improve the working environment? Before you consider adding more of the same type of fixtures you already have, be sure to contact us for recommendations. Every industry has a recommended foot candle level for workers to be able to adequately complete their tasks. We use before and after foot-candle meter readings to make sure your light levels are where you need them to be for ideal safety, performance and energy efficiency.

let us answer your questions about whether a lighting retrofit audit would benefit.

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