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What Does an Electrical Contractor Do?

If your business in Kansas City needs electrical work or repairs, should you need to hire an electrical contractor or an electrician?

It might seem like the two terms are interchangeable since both jobs deal with electricity. But the services performed by an electrical contractor are a bit different.

This article details what an electrical contractor does, how that role differs from an electrician, and the different industries they may work in.

a commercial electrical contractor works on a property installing or maintaining electrical systemsWhat is an Electrical Contractor?

As a simple definition, an electrical contractor is a person or business that performs specialized electrical construction work. This work is usually related to the design, maintenance, repair, or installation of an electrical or data communications system.

The type of electrical system doesn’t matter as much as the work an electrical contractor does. These professionals ensure a client’s electrical systems work safely and effectively. They also may build environmentally-friendly systems.

What Does an Electrical Contractor Do?

The installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical components and systems is a vital area in which certified electrical contractors fill a need. Depending on the job, an electrical contractor’s duties will vary. But some of the things an electrical contractor is expected to do includes:

  • Project Planning — They will determine the necessary steps to secure a permit and complete the job while factoring in the resources and timelines for each step.
  • Creating Benchmarks — The will establish benchmarks for confirming project success.
  • Distributing Resources — They will research the proper resources needed for the job and ensure they are available during the appropriate phase of the project.
  • Managing the Budget — They will create and manage the project’s budget to keep it on target.
  • Overseeing Safety — They will oversee the safety of subcontractors, suppliers, and clients while the project is underway.
  • Verifying Standards — They will verify that the project meets local code and other industry standards.
  • Maintaining Relationships — They will maintain lasting relationships with current staff, subcontractors, suppliers, and other key stakeholders.

As you can see, an electrical contractor does much more than handle wires and connectors. They take on a substantial responsibility to ensure their clients get the level of service they deserve.

Electrical Contractor vs. Electrician – What is the Difference?

While some people might not see a difference between an electrical contractor and an electrician, the fact is that these two roles can be distinct for a variety of reasons. But there are also a few similarities.

Both electrical contractors and electricians are properly licensed and thoroughly trained to complete electrical work. They can install and repair different parts of an electrical system.

The main difference between the two is who they work for. Electricians almost always work for themselves. They might have their own business and be capable, but electricians usually specialize in one or two areas, such as residential electricity.

On the other hand, an electrical contractor is usually a business that can handle various commercial and industrial electrical needs. When you hire an electrical contractor, you get a partner with all-encompassing knowledge that is qualified to oversee your entire project.

Electrical contractors are fully licensed and insured, and many are seasoned project managers. These are the go-to resources when you want to hand over responsibility for getting an electrical job done efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively.

Different Types of Electrical Contractors

Electrical contractors are often classified by the type of electrical work they perform:

Outside or Line Contractors

These contractors might also be called “plant contractors.” They are responsible for high-voltage power transmission and distribution lines. Outside contractors ensure that the electricity generated by a power plant is properly carried through a series of substations and high-voltage lines before reaching commercial buildings or factories.

Inside Electrical Contractors

These contractors work within a commercial property’s boundary lines to deliver and maintain electricity to the structure. This type of contractor is the primary partner for call cabling and electrical design, installation, repair, and maintenance for commercial and institutional buildings.

Integrated Building Systems (IBS) Contractors

IBS and Voice/Data/Video (VDV) electrical contractors deal mainly with low-voltage electricity matters, such as energy-efficient lighting, backup power systems, telecommunications, climate control systems, security systems, fiber options, and wireless networks. These contractors ensure all the connected systems work together for maximum building performance and energy efficiency.

What Industries Do Electrical Contractors Serve?

Installing and fixing electrical systems isn’t the same as a typical home improvement project where you can try a do-it-yourself approach. These jobs require technical expertise because they are dangerous.

If you want to hire an electrical contractor in Kansas City to do some work on your property, you’ll want to ensure you get an experienced and competent one. Some of the most common industries that Staco Electric Company services include:

  • Commercial — We can build, install, or repair any type of electrical system required in your commercial building. Our commercial construction division specializes in projects across all verticals, ranging from small standalone structures to massive high rises.
  • Industrial — Our highly-trained and experienced professionals can work on your industrial electrical systems to improve efficiency and minimize equipment problems.
  • Health Care — We work with a wide range of clients in the health care sector on projects ranging from new construction to remodeling to repair issues.
  • IT — Whether you are building a new structure or renovating an existing space, our IT specialists can help with all your voice, data, and video integration needs.

This is not an exhaustive list. If your business requires electrical work, whether it is simple or complex, we can help.

Contact Experienced Electrical Contractors in Kansas City

If you’re looking for trustworthy and experienced electrical contractors in Kansas City, Staco Electric Company would like the opportunity to earn your business. Since 1971, we have earned the reputation as one of the Midwest’s most highly recommended electrical contracting services.

Our specialists install, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair all commercial and industrial electrical systems, components, and data/communications systems. We are also Green Building (LEED) Professionals. Contact us today for more information about our services.

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